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What Will the Virtual Convention Platform Look Like?

We understand that Exhibitors/Advertisers/Sponsors may wish to visualize how logos, ads, and exhibit booths will appear at the 52nd Annnual ASEEES Convention. We have provided screen shots of the Sponsor logo placement, Exhibitor Virtual Gallery, Virtual Exhibit Booth, Virtual Gallery, Featured Ad, and Virtual Room Name Sponsor placement. We are happy to walk you through these marketing tools; please reach out by phone or email with any questions you have. (Please note: the items are not to scale.)


Sponsor Logo Placement

For a larger view, click here


Virtual Exhibitor Gallery


Virtual Exhibitor Booth

(Note the ability to have a slide show of books/programs running near the top. Exhibitors can also use the scheduling tool, included on this page, to meet 1:1 with attendees via button in the middle left of the image. Finally exhibitors can include a video and/or social media links). For a larger view, click here.




Featured Ads

Note: featured ads would be placed directly in the schedule (in this case, in the bottom right red box). For a larger view, click here.



Virtual Gallery of Advertisers


Virtual Room Name Sponsor




Virtual Swag Bag