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    Current Issue

  • March 2024

    Cover Article: “Photographing the Palimpsest: Past, Place, and the Fantasmatic in Wrocław” by Frankee Lyons, “Colonizing and Colonized Researchers? Between Local and Western Perspectives” by Klavdia Smola, Interview with 2023 Wayne S. Vucinich Book Prize Winner Geneviève Zubrzycki, ASEEES Spring 2024 Virtual Roundtable Series: Careers Beyond Academia, Calls: 2024 ASEEES Prizes, Grants, and Board of Directors Self-Nominations, @ASEEES on YouTube! Interviews with the 2023 Presidential Plenary Speakers, Spring 2024 First Book Subvention Winners, Spring 2024 Programming

  • Recent Issues

  • January 2024

    Cover Article “‘Everything Exists to Be Told’: Archival Research in Unfamiliar Places” by Aaron M. Thompson, 2023 President’s Address, “De-Centering Russia: Challenges and Opportunities” by Juliet Johnson, 2023 Executive Director’s Annual Report by Lynda Park, Interview Feature, The 2023 ASEEES Book Prize winners on research, writing, and publishing (Part II)

  • November 2023

    “Let’s Get Melodramatic: Studying the Genre All Over the Globe” by Daisuke Adachi, “An Environment for People-to-People Diplomacy: Impressions from the Aral Sea Summer School” by Sarah Cameron, “A True Decolonization of Studying Ukraine in Political Science: From Theory Testing to Theory Building” by Inna Melnykovska, The 2023 ASEEES Book Prize winners on research, writing, and publishing


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