Contract for Exhibit Space Terms and Conditions


Exhibit space in good order shall be provided for the Exhibitor as agreed on the reverse. The premises shall be open to Exhibitor during reasonable hours, as established by the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (hereinafter, the “Association”). Exhibitor shall conform to, and abide by, the schedule for use of such space. All hours are subject to change without notice by the Association. At the conclusion of the Exhibit, the Exhibitor shall completely remove the display and shall turn space back to the Association in a clean, undamaged condition, as originally received.

The Association and the Convention hotel (hereinafter “the Hotel”) assume, and shall have, no responsibility whatsoever for any property placed in said Exhibit area or upon adjacent areas or grounds in connection with said Exhibit, and it is specifically understood and agreed that the Association and the Hotel are expressly released and discharged from any and all liabilities, loss, injury, or damage to either person or property, that may be sustained on or about said premises in connection with the Exhibit. Exhibitor shall maintain such insurance as will fully protect the Association and the Hotel from any and all claims of any nature.

Exhibitor shall not transfer, assign, or sublet any space or any rights under this agreement. Non-exhibitors shall not be permitted to display or otherwise advertise products in the Exhibit area. Unauthorized persons and materials will be removed from the Exhibit area.

Exhibitor may not use audio or audio-visual equipment or other attention-getting devices without permission in writing from the Association. Such requests must be submitted with contract or no later than 60 days before start of meeting. If approved, appropriate sound level will be determined by the Association’s Convention Coordinator. Exhibitor may not block other booths with high side displays. Side displays cannot exceed 42” in height above the floor. Convention Coordinator may request that side displays not conforming to this standard be taken down.

All Exhibits shall be approved by the Association, which reserves the right to reject any Exhibit.

The Association reserves the right to change or modify floor plans and to relocate any Exhibit. The Exhibitor will be promptly informed of any such change.

The Association also reserves the right to eject from, or refuse to admit to, the Exhibit area any objectionable or undesirable person or persons.

The Exhibitor waives any right and/or claims for damages against the Association and the Hotel arising out of the enforcement of any of the above paragraphs.

The Association and the Hotel shall not be liable for fulfillment of this contract on their part, as to delivery of space, if such failure is due to causes beyond their control. The parties understand and agree that the Association may, at its sole option, cancel said Exhibit and may cancel this contract if, in the sole opinion and discretion of the Association, such Exhibit would be impractical or inadvisable. The Association shall return to Exhibitor all rental fees which Exhibitor has paid to the Association up to date of cancellation and thereupon both parties shall be released from further obligation or liability one to the other.