Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals for the 56th ASEEES Annual Convention

For 2024, ASEEES is again offering a small virtual convention in October followed by the main in-person convention in Boston on November 21-24, 2024.  In the session proposal submission process, you will be presented with an option to apply to either the in-person or the virtual convention. We acknowledge that circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic continue to evolve, and we sympathize with possible health, travel, and financial restrictions of our members. However, we are unable to accommodate the option to move from an in-person to virtual or virtual to in-person format. We thank you for understanding this constraint when submitting proposals. ASEEES will be carefully monitoring the conditions and best practices and will make adjustments as necessary to ensure the health and well-being of our attendees.

All session participants must agree to participate in person or virtually. Hybrid sessions during the in-person convention will not be permitted. Technical requirements for hybrid sessions at the in-person convention venue are prohibitively expensive.

2024 Convention Proposal Deadlines

March 1: All 2024 Convention panel/roundtable/lightning round/individual paper proposals 
April 1: Film submissions and Requests for rooms for Affiliate Group meetings
September 1: Ancillary event space requests

Types of Submissions

Refer to the Session Categories when making your submission.

Proposal Submission Process

IMPORTANT: Before you start your submission process:

Session organizers must have the express permission of participants to add them to the session.

  1. Read the general rules for convention participation. 
  2. If you are a submitter or session organizer, renew your ASEEES membership first. You must be a current member in order to submit a proposal. You must enter your professional biography in your profile on the Member Site.
    NOTE: If you are a panel/roundtable participant but NOT the organizer, you do not need to become a member until the time of the acceptance notification in the spring (see the membership rules), but you must have a profile in the ASEEES Member Site. See Instructions on how to create a profile.
  3. If you are submitting a session proposal, you must decide if the proposal is for the virtual or the in-person convention and answer this question in the submission process. Individual paper submissions are for the virtual convention only.
  4. A panel proposal should include a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 4 paper presentations. 
  5. If you are submitting a series of sessions on a related theme, you may submit a maximum of 4 sessions. Please see the rules for the session naming recommendation.
  6. Be sure to gather all required information first. You cannot save an incomplete proposal online.
    • Make sure all session participants have a profile in the ASEEES Member Site. They do not need to pay ASEEES membership dues at this point. NOTE: Because ASEEES moved to a new Member Site in 2023, those who have participated in past conventions but have never been an ASEEES member must create a new profile in the new site. See Instructions on how to create a profile. It is essential that they create their profile in the Member Site at least 24 hours before you submit the proposal. This is essential as it takes time for the data to sync between the Member Site and the Convention Site. Do not wait until just before the submission deadline.
    • Ask all session participants to enter their brief professional biography in the “Professional Biography” box under the My Profile. This information will be used in the online submission and review process. If they have a profile in the Member Site but are having difficulty entering their professional biography, they can use this form to provide the brief bio and the ASEEES staff will enter it for them.
    • Ask all session participants for their exact last name as they appear in the ASEEES Member directory so that you can search for them in the online submission process.
    • Ask all session participants if they have specific accessibility needs for the session. These can be entered in the “Special Requests” field. ASEEES will make every effort to honor requests for participants with accessibility needs.
    • If submitting a panel proposal, gather paper titles and a short abstract for each panel paper. The session/paper title word limit is 20; session/paper abstract word limit is 250. 
    • Please review the Session Categories before you submit your proposal. Note that the session categories are used are strictly for scheduling purposes only and have no bearing on the proposal’s acceptance.  
    • For a Book Discussion Roundtable, use the Roundtable submission process. In the session, title, enter “Book Discussion:” followed by the title of the book and the author.
    • Step-by-step instructions for submitting a proposal are available (PDF).
    • Read the Frequently Asked Questions about proposal submissions.
  7. When ready, go to the Online Submission Site and log in using the same username and password as the ASEEES Member Site.

Submisson by E-mail

While online submission of proposals is strongly encouraged, we do accept proposals for the following proposal types as E-mail attachments. Please complete the appropriate forms below and send as e-mail attachments to

All other proposals and requests must be submitted online only.


The acceptance notification for both individual paper submissions and panel/roundtable submissions will go out by the end of April. The notification will not include the program schedule at that time. Upon notification of acceptance, participants are expected to become members of ASEEES. Please see the rules on the membership requirement.


If you have any questions or experience technical issues, contact us.