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Seees_announcements is a listserv operated by ASEEES that communicates academic and professional news relevant to Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies. Anyone with scholarly, professional involvement, or interest in the field may subscribe. Designed to circulate information in a broad and inclusive community, the listserv only publishes announcements, and does not facilitate discussion, conversation, or debate. Announcements posted in the listserv do not indicate ASEEES endorsement. Please note that subscribers will not be able to reply to posts.

ASEEES membership is not required to subscribe to the listserv. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Association, please visit our membership page on our website website or email

Subscriber Information

Subscribers will be permitted to post no more than once per day and may not post the same announcement more than once. Please include relevant keywords in the subject lines of posts (“CfA,” “Job,” etc.). Posts supported by seees_announcements fall into the following categories:

  • Job and postdoc postings
  • Calls for applications for programs
  • Calls for papers
  • Newly published books or articles
  • Events (conferences, workshops, webinars, lectures, book talks, etc.)
  • Fellowships, grants, other funding sources
  • Awards and prizes 
  • Obituaries

Please note that announcements posted outside of regular ASEEES business hours may not be reviewed and approved until the following work day.

Posts that do not fall under the listserv purview include:
  • Questions about scholarly or pedagogical resources
  • Questions or comments meant to start discussion or debate
  • Requests for panelists, chairs, discussants, or session managers at the annual convention (Please redirect these conversations to the ASEEES Convention Facebook Group, or the ASEEES Paper/Panel Wanted Board

The listserv is actively moderated by ASEEES staff. Posts that fit the guidelines described above will be approved for publication. Posts that do not fall within the guidelines will be rejected. Subscribers are strongly urged to read the ASEEES Code of Conduct before joining. 

Subscribers will automatically receive posts as they are approved for publication. To receive messages in digest form, please change your personal settings here.

To get started: please send your announcement to: The subject line of your email will correspond to the subject line of your post.

Tips for Submitting Announcements
  • If you would like other subscribers to contact you, please make sure to provide relevant information. The listserv does not support replies.
  • Make sure your post does not contain any attachments or embedded images, as they will not appear in postings.

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