Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I renew my membership?

    When you log into your profile, you should see a "renew membership" link in your profile. If you do not, go to Payments & History and click on "Membership". From there, you can choose the membership type and pay.

    If you membership has expired, you may see a notice that says "Account Suspended due to Membership Expiration." This is an automated notice in the system. You can still log in and renew your membership. 

  • When does my membership term expire? All ASEEES membership follows the calendar January 1 to December 31. Membership purchased after November 1 will count for the upcoming year.
  • I have created a profile, but I can’t sign in. When you go to the member portal, accept the cookies. You should see a box at the bottom of the screen, or a box will appear after you have tried to login. The cookies are needed to share your information between our member site, Slavic Review login, and convention site. If you are still unable to log in, please contact us.
  • I have tried to reset my password, but I never received an email. If you haven't received an email it could be for several reasons. Your username/email might be different than what is in the ASEEES database, it is stuck in spam, or you haven't been a member before. Please contact us and we help to update your profile or create one.
  • I tried to create a profile, but it says that my email or username has been used. This means that you have an existing profile in the system. Please contact us and we can update your contact information or login as needed. Duplicate profiles in the system can cause confusion and problems later. Please contact us with your name, email, and affiliation.
  • Can I create an ASEEES profile without paying membership dues? Yes, you can create a "guest/non-member" account in our system. It is the last option on the Join Now page. One reason to do this is to register to attend the Annual Convention.
  • How can I recieve the reduced in-region membership rate? The first time that you join ASEEES as a member permanently residing in one of the countries listed as in-region, you will need to complete a regional membership form and email it to to be set up in the system. In future years you can renew through your profile.
  • Can I be an affiliate member for the ASEEES Convention? Yes, an affiliate membership will satisfy the membership requirement for participants in the convention. Please note that affiliate members cannot apply for grants, including travel grants.
  • Why should I become a Lifetime Member? A lifetime membership is an excellent way to support innovative work in the field, and to never worry about your membership expiring. A portion of the lifetime membership is considered a tax deductible donation to ASEEES. A lifetime members list is on our website.
  • How do I set up a joint account? Joint membership accounts are only available to regular ASEEES members for their spouses. The account that is used to purchase the regular+joint account will become the primary account, which can then add a sub account. In order to renew membership, the primary account must be the one to purchase the membership. We are also happy to set up your accounts if you email your names, emails, and membership total.
  • I am a new member. What is the best way to get up-to-date on what is happening? Welcome to ASEEES! As an ASEEES member you will start receiving bi-monthly emails with brief updates. On our website, ASEEES hosts a searchable events calendar. You can also look at the latest issue of NewsNet, which will include any upcoming deadlines or programs. On social media you can find us on X, Facebook, LinkedIn and Bluesky.
  • I am retired. How much are my dues? We do not have a specific rate for retired members—our regular membership rates are based on income categories. If you would like to continue as a full member, you can select the membership dues which apply to your current income as an emeritus/a. We also offer an affiliate membership with a flat rate that does not include access to Slavic Review or grant and subvention programs.

General Convention

  • Do I need to be a member to participate in the ASEEES Annual Convention? All participants appearing in the program must be members to participate. Membership is separate from registration, and both are required for participants. Those outside of the SEEES field can request a membership exemption.
  • Do I need to register to participate in the ASEEES Annual Convention? All participants must register. Registration will provide you your badge and access to the venue. This is in addition to membership in ASEEES.
  • Why do I receive an error message when I try to log-in on the convention website? You may need to first log-in to the ASEEES member site and accept cookies. These cookies are what allows the convention website to confirm your login credentials. If you have revoked your previous consent to cookies, please contact us.
  • How can I view the convention program? The most up-to-date version of the convention program is online at the 2024 Convention website. Login with your ASEEES login information.
  • When can I register for the Annual Convention? Registration for the convention usually opens in May after acceptance letters have been sent. Early bird registration rates are available. Online registration will end sometime in August, but there will be on-site registration available at a higher rate. For this year's convention, please check our Events Calendar.
  • Can I attend the Annual Convention if I am not a member? Yes, we have non-member registration rates available. You will need to create a "guest/non-member" profile in our system to purchase registration.
  • Can I receive a refund for my convention registration?

    All refund requests for the convention registration fee must be made in writing by e-mail to Refunds will be based on the Refund Policy.

  • Can I purchase In-person Only registration? No, in-person+virtual registration does not include any added cost for the virtual portion of the convention. As an in-person attendee you have access to all portions of the convention.
  • Can I purchase a day pass for the convention? No, we do not offer day passes. You will need to register at the regular registration rates.

Convention Proposals

  • What information will I need to submit a proposal? To submit a panel proposal, you will need to enter a brief abstract describing the entire panel as well as a 2-3 sentence description for each paper. You will not need to entire participants' CV information, but is vitally important that you ask all session participants to create profiles and/or update their information in the ASEEES Member Site. If they have ever been a member in the period since 2011, they should be in the member database. They can check this by entering their e-mail address at "Forgot Your Password?" If their e-mail address is in our database, this will allow them to reset their password and update any info. As of 2023, they MUST have entered a brief biography in the "Professional Biography" box under "My Profile." Click on any "Edit" button to edit the field under "Professional Information."
  • Do all session participants need to be ASEEES members at the time the proposal is submitted? Submitters (session organizers and those submitting individual paper proposals) MUST be ASEEES members at the time of submission in order to submit a proposal. The other session participants do not need to be members at the time of the proposal submission but they MUST have profiles on the ASEEES Member Site. Once the proposals have been accepted, all participants who are Slavic, East European, and Eurasian studies scholars in the U.S. and abroad must be current ASEEES members in order to participate in the convention. Only scholars approved as outside the field of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian studies do not need to join ASEEES (but they still must register for the convention as non-members).
  • In how many sessions can I participate? Your name can only appear in the program in two sessions (panels/roundtables/lightning rounds), and you can only give ONE paper. All rules and guidelines for convention participation can be found here.
  • Is it possible to hold a “hybrid” session (with some participants “zooming in” to the in-person convention)? Due to the very high cost of audio/visual equipment in the convention hotel, hybrid sessions will not be permitted under any circumstances.
  • Is it possible to move from the in-person convention to the virtual convention or vice versa? We acknowledge that circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic continue to evolve and sympathize with possible health, travel, and financial restrictions of our members. However, we are unable to accommodate the option to move from an in-person to virtual or virtual to in-person format after sessions have been scheduled. We thank you for understanding this constraint when submitting proposals.
  • Can I request a specific session time? If you agree to participate in the ASEEES Convention, you are agreeing to be scheduled during any of the planned sessions. Please DO NOT make personal scheduling requests. We will honor specific scheduling requests only for religious reasons. Scheduling requests must be made at the time of the submission. See Mike Hickey's article in the May 2008 issue of NewsNet: "The Five Obstructions" or "Why somebody's panel has to meet on Sunday morning."
  • Can I save an incomplete proposal or edit my proposal after it has been submitted? The online system will NOT allow you save an incomplete proposal to submit later. It is therefore vitally important that you gather all the information you need before you start your submission process. However, once you have successfully submitted, you can go back and edit the proposal up until the submission deadline.
  • Can I submit a proposal as an e-mail attachment? You may submit proposals for panels and roundtables using the Word form on the Call for Proposals page. All other proposals must be submitted online. Please send completed forms as e-mail attachments to
  • If my accepted session is postponed, do I need to resubmit the proposal for the following year? if you decided to postpone a panel/roundtable that was accepted for ASEEES 2023, you must resubmit your proposal for ASEEES 2024.
  • Is it possible to submit a series of related sessions? Yes, you may submit maximum of 4 sessions in a themed series. The sessions should have the same name, followed by a Roman numeral after each session title. Subtitles are optional. Example: “Soviet Film I: Stalinist Cinema,” “Soviet Film II: Thaw Cinema,” “Soviet Film III: Stagnation Cinema.” Keep in mind that sessions may not be scheduled in the order they were submitted due to time zone variables or other scheduling challenges.
  • What audio/visual equipment is provided in the meeting rooms at the in-person convention? Each meeting room will be equipped with a digital projector and screen for panels/roundtables/lightning rooms. You are required to bring your own laptop. No other A/V equipment will be offered and the meeting rooms do not have guaranteed internet access. See the A/V policy page for more information. We do not guarantee A/V equipment for affiliate groups' business meetings.

Slavic Review

  • What is Slavic Review? Slavic Review is ASEEES’ chief publication and the leading scholarly journal in the field. Published four times a year, it features peer-reviewed articles, discussions, and reviews of recent literature that span all academic disciplines and geographic areas within Slavic, East European, and Eurasian studies. As of 2017, Slavic Review is published by Cambridge University Press. The editorial office of Slavic Review is located at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
  • How can I access Slavic Review online as an ASEEES member? Log into the ASEEES member portal. You can then click on Slavic Review on the red menu bar to access Cambridge Core.
  • How can I receive physical copies of the 2024 Slavic Review issues? Starting with the 2024 volume, Slavic Review has become a digital journal with a new design and digital features. A limited number of physical copies are available for purchase ($55 for US members, $65 for international members for the 2024 run). Contact us if you are interested in more information.
  • I have purchased 2024 Slavic Review physical copies, but did not receive the latest issue. Physical copies of Slavic Review will arrive up to two weeks after the digital version has posted on Cambridge Core. If you have not received your copy in that time frame, please contact us.

Advertising with ASEEES

  • How can I advertise in NewsNet? NewsNet is the bi-monthly newsletter of the Association. View all advertising information including deadlines, pricing, and sizes here.
  • How can I advertise or promote at the ASEEES annual convention? ASEEES offers a variety of sponsorship, exhibitor, and advertising opportunities at our annual convention. Options and pricing will post on our website in late-April or early-May for the Fall convention. To add your organization to our mailing list, please contact us.
  • Where can I share a job post? There are several places jobs can be posted. The first is on the seees_announcements listserv. Anyone subscribed to the list can post for free. The second is the Career Center. You do not need to be a member to submit a post, but you must login or create a guest/non-member account in order to submit a post. Once summitted it will be approved and available for all members to see. Finally, you can place a paid advertisement in NewsNet. To see the publication schedule and rates click here.
  • Can I email information about an upcoming conference, deadline, webinar or other event in the seees field? The best way to share news about events in the field is through the seees_announcements listserv. You do not need to be a member to post to the listserv, but you must subscribe to the listserv. Please note that the listserv does not allow attachments or replies.
  • What is the best way to share my new book? (or promotion, grant, scholarship, or prize) ASEEES promotes the news and accomplishes of our members in various ways. You can submit your member news through our News and Announcements page. *Please do not submit journal article publications.

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