Resources to Help Displaced Scholars from Ukraine

Resources for Helping Displaced Scholars from Ukraine

This page is work in progress and is being updated daily. If you know of other resources that should be added to this list, please contact Lynda Park at 

ASEEES Webinar: How to Host/Support Displaced Scholars and Students, Part II: Friday, April 22, 2022, 2pm ET

Webinar Recording with subtitles, an audio transcript and chat messages 

Join us for our second webinar, which will discuss the new Ukrainian Global University initiative, HURI-IWM non-residential fellowships for Ukrainian scholars, fundraising success story at a US public university and the UC Davis Article 26 Backpack.

Speakers: Katherine Younger, Research Director, Ukraine in European Dialogue, Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna; Artem Shaipov, executive team member of the Ukrainian Global University & co-founder of the Professional Government Association (PGA) Ukraine;  Mary Neuburger, Associate Professor of History, Chair of the Department of Slavic & Eurasian Studies, and Director of CREEES, University of Texas at Austin; and Keith Wattenpaugh, Professor and Director, UC Davis Human Rights Studies, Article 26 Backpack


ASEEES Webinar: How to Host Displaced Scholars on Your CampusFriday, March 18, 2022, 2pm ET

Webinar Recording with subtitles, an audio transcript and chat messages (Scholars at Risk pptIIE-SRF ppt)

Speakers: Yuliya Komska (Dartmouth College), Chelsea Blackburn Cohen (Scholars at Risk), James King (IIE Scholar Rescue Fund), Veronica Dristsas (University of Pittsburgh), and Mark Trotter (Indiana University)

ASEEES is working with the newly created International Task Force for Displaced Scholars (ITFDS), established by a group of scholars and graduate students. Read the inaugural meeting minutes. For more information, email

ASEEES is working with #ScienceforUkraine to collect information on specific support for displaced scholars. Here is how you can help by sending information on programs and opportunities for displaced scholars and students.

Setting up a Displaced Scholar Hub on Campus by Yuliya Komska (Dartmouth College) and Elizabeth Geballe (Indiana U)

Chance for Science Conference 2022 April 22 – conference for academics affected by the war in Ukraine. Students, academics and scholars from all disciplines are welcome.

Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs established a hotline for Africans and Asians fleeing Ukraine – +380934185684

Scholars at RiskSAR page to support scholars from Ukraine  SAR How to Host Handbook Membership directory 

Scholars at Risk Europe | Inspire Europe

IIE Scholar Rescue Fundfunds scholars, host institution must provide matching fund. Host institution directory
Resource Kit for Hosting Afghan Student and Scholars – can be adapted for hosting students and scholars from Ukraine

Artist at Risk Emergency resources for artists and cultural workers

New University in Exile Consortium 

IIE Emergency Fund for Students from Ukrainian Students (US) – member institution may nominate up to 5 students.  Member institution directory

Open Society University Network (OSUN) Threatened scholar integration initiative. Also currently developing measures to support scholars and students from Ukraine. Contact

Ukrainian Global University – This newly created initiative is a network of educational institutions, that join efforts to rebuild Ukraine by supporting Ukrainian high school and university students, scholars, tutors by providing them with scholarships, fellowships and postgraduate programs. 

Lviv Center of Urban History List of Help for Scholars at Risk  (in Ukrainian)

University of New Europe‘s resources list for academic culture at risk

Ukrainian Scholar Placement Database, curated by Jadwiga Biskupska, Sam Houston State U

ArtMargins‘s resources list for artists and scholars

HURI-IWM Vienna Non-residential Fellowships to Support Ukrainian Scholars

Central European University initiatives on support students from/in Ukraine – Invisible University for Ukraine

Austrian Academy of Sciences (Austria)

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria)

Le Collège de France PAUSE Solidarity with Ukraine (France)

UN Refugee Agency DAFI (Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative) (Germany)

DAAD (Germany) – information regarding Ukraine. The International Office at your university may be eligible for funding to support scholars from Ukraine by linking them to your university.

Gerda Henkel Foundation (Germany) is making grants totalling 2 million euros available for Ukrainian scholars. The initiative is also aimed at researchers from Russia and Belarus who for political reasons are being threatened or have to leave their country.

Humboldt Foundation Philipp Schwartz Initiative (Germany) – nomination for Ukrainian scholars due March 18

Volkswagen Foundation (Germany) visiting research program for refugee Ukrainian scientists

Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland) – new program offering 3 months of support. Update: PAS has reached its limit and is not taking any more calls at the moment (3/8/2022)

Polish Young Academy PAS (Poland) – offering a variety of help to scholars from Ukraine arriving in Poland

Polish Sociological Association (Poland) – organizing accommodation and transportation from the Polish border for Ukrainian scholars and others. Contact Prof. Mikołaj Pawlak

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (Sweden) – Call for applications for SSF individual grants for Ukrainian scientists 2022

Swiss National Science Foundation (Switzerland) in partnership with Scholars at Risk

Council for At-Risk Academics (UK) – facilitate cooperation and collaboration between the UK Universities Network

Article 26 Backpack at UC Davis, provides digital storage of important academic documents for displaced scholars and students

European Qualifications Passport for Refugees (EQPR) – The EQPR is a standardized document issued in a project carried out by the Council of Europe and partners.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators Immigration Resources: Ukraine  

American Council on Education’s Letter to US Secretary Anthony Blinken to provide support for Ukrainian students and scholars in the US and those displaced from Ukraine 

Presidents’ Alliance for on Higher Education and Immigration calls on Secretaries Mayorkas and Blinken to issue a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation and announce Special Student Relief (SSR) for Ukrainian nationals residing or studying in the United States.

Special Student Relief (SSR) is the suspension of certain regulatory requirements by the secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for an F‑1 student from parts of the world that are experiencing emergent circumstances.

Update: The US Department of Homeland Security has designated Ukraine for Temporary Protected Status for the next 18 months.   

University Alliance for Refugee & At-Risk Migrants (UARRM)

Data Rescue

Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO) – Use this form to submit links to digital collections of Ukrainian museums, libraries, archives and any other cultural institution which has digitised cultural heritage. Volunteer to help, especially if you have language skills in cyrillic/Ukrainian/Russian.  Other Efforts listed on SUCHO website.

The American Folklore Society is assisting folklorists and heritage scholars in Ukraine with data rescue. Use this form to request assistance.

Data Rescue for music collections in Ukraine – they have now merged their efforts with SUCHO. See above.

HURI Data Rescue for Scholars in Ukraine. Please contact HURI at

University of Alberta’s U-ART project: data backup for archival institutions, research institutions, individual scholars in all disciplines. Contact.

Polish Committee of Assistance to the Museums of Ukraine 

Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max-Planck-Institut (Italy) supports the documentation, preservation, and protection of heritage in Ukraine.


Resources on Ukraine

ASEEES Unified Calendar of Events on Current War in Ukraine

Slavic Review Discussion on War against Ukraine

HURI Resource Site on Russia’s War on Ukraine

Shevchenko Scientific Society

PONARS Eurasia Insights on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Indiana U REEI’s Resources Page

Ohio State U CSEEES Resources for Understanding Conflict in Ukraine

University of Texas CREEES Ukraine Information and Resources

Ukraine Research Guide by NYU library