Thursday, March 26, 2015

Updated: Board Solicits Comments for Meeting re Cohen-Tucker Fellowship Matter

The ASEEES members’ public comments are posted HERE

As a response to the member sign-on letter of Feb 5, 2015 regarding the Stephen F. Cohen-Robert C. Tucker Fellowship matter and in accordance with the ASEEES Bylaws, the ASEEES Board has decided to hold a special meeting of the Board on Monday, May 11 in Pittsburgh (in conjunction with the regular semi-annual meeting of the Executive Committee) in order to discuss the issues raised in the letter.  

We are announcing the special meeting of the Board to the general ASEEES membership and soliciting member comments.  Although we cannot anticipate the outcome of the Board meeting regarding the Cohen-Tucker fellowship proposal (withdrawn by the donors), we plan to release a public statement by the Board that addresses the issues of general concern to the membership.  Members are welcome to communicate their views to the Board using our online form: 

Go to Online Form

Submissions should be brief, civil, and address relevant issues, indicating whether the comment can be made public on the ASEEES website or should be held confidential.  The online submission form will close on Friday, April 24.  The public comments will be posted on the ASEEES website soon after April 24.

Please refrain from lobbying members of the Board individually, as we will not be able to take representations of this kind into account.

If you have questions or concerns about the special meeting or the comment process, please contact Lynda Park, Executive Director.

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