Friday, May 12, 2023

2023 Cohen-Tucker Fellows

ASEEES is delighted to announce the 2023 Stephen F. Cohen-Robert C. Tucker Dissertation Fellowship recipients. The Cohen–Tucker Dissertation Fellowship (CTDF) Program for Russian Historical Studies supports the next generation of US scholars to conduct their doctoral dissertation research in Russia. The CTDF Program is sponsored by the KAT Charitable Foundation, which we thank for its generous support.

Griffin Creech, U of Pennsylvania, History, “Buriats Beyond Borders: Making and Unmaking Multi-Layered Citizens in the Russia-Mongolia Borderlands, 1890-1938”

Alexandra Dennett, Harvard U, History of Art + Architecture, “Paths of Modern Photography in Central Asia (1890-1940),” Recipient of the Women’s and Gender Studies Fellowship

Emma Friedlander, Harvard U, History, “The Soviet New Age: Alternative spirituality and the collapse of communism, 1975-2000”

Sophia Kalashnikova Horowitz, Harvard U, History, “Popular Participation in Political Policing Under Stalin and Khrushchev, 1937-1965: The Secret Lives of Soviet Informers”

Alexandra Zborovsky, U of Pennsylvania, History, “Should I Stay or Should I Go: Jewish Repatriation, Reunification, and Emigration from the USSR 1955-1995”

Michael Brinley, U of Pennsylvania, History, “The Cities They Wanted and the Cities They Built: Soviet Chief Architects and Urban Planning in the Era of Developed Socialism, 1954-1985”

Yaakov Lipsker, Jewish Theological Seminary, Modern Jewish Studies, “Everyday Jewish Nationalism and the Creation of a Citizenry-in-Exile: The Zionist Movement in Late Imperial Russia, 1897-1917”

Ksenia Pavlenko, Cornell University, Art History and Visual Studies, “Seeing Expansion: Representation in the Visual Culture of the Late Russian Empire”

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