Panel Best Practices

In-Person and VirtualĀ Convention Best Practices

ASEEES panels will be one hour and forty-five minutes in length. A panel time allot should consist of:

  • a chair, allotted a total of five minutes for panel and presenter introductions;
  • three paper presenters, allotted 20 minutes each, or four paper presenters, alloted 15 minutes each; and
  • a discussant, allotted 10 minutes; 
  • followed by 30 minutes for questions and group discussion.

As a general rule:

  • The Chair seeks CVs from each of the panelists in advance to prepare their introductions.
  • For an average 15-minute presentation, paper presenters should prepare papers no longer than 6 pages, double-spaced; for an average 12-minutes presentations, paper presenters should prepare papers no longer than 5 pages, double-spaced. Presentations requiring additional explanation of data or images should be shorter. Panelists who send works longer than what they will actually present pose an undue burden on their discussant.
  • Normally, papers should be sent to the discussant up to two weeks in advance of the meetings, and no later than six days prior to the convention, in order to allow for time to prepare the response.
  • Chairs are urged to announce their plans to keep time at the outset of the panel, in order to not discriminate between panelists, and to ensure time for the question and answer period.
  • Chairs should not allow any questions until after all presentations, and the discussant’s comments, are complete. 
  • Following the discussant’s comments, the Chair should normally cede to questions from the audience, rather than inviting panelists to respond immediately. The panelists have had enough time to talk already!

For the Virtual Convention session managers will be assigned to each session.  Please do not contact them in advance, as they will receive their training closer to the convention.