Past Winners of the Robert C. Tucker/Stephen F. Cohen Dissertation Prize

2023 – James Allen Nealy, Jr., “Making Socialism Work!: The Shchekino Method and the Drive to Modernize Soviet Industry” (Duke University)

2022 – Thomas Loyd, “Black in the USSR: African Students, Soviet Empire, and the Politics of Global Education during the Cold War” (Georgetown University, History)

2021 – Virginia Carter Olmsted McGraw“Soviet by Design: Fashion, Consumption, and International Competition during Late Socialism, 1948-1982” (UNC at Chapel Hill, History)

2020 Kelsey Norris, “The Ties that Bind” (University of Pennsylvania)

2019 – Louis H. Porter“Cold War Internationalisms: The USSR in UNESCO, 1945-1967” (UNC at Chapel Hill)

2018 – Rhiannon Dowling“Brezhnev’s War on Crime: The Criminal in Soviet Society, 1963- 1984,” (UC Berkeley)

2017 – David Szakonyi, “Renting Elected Office: Why Businesspeople Become Politicians in Russia” (Columbia University)

2016 – Leah Goldman, “Art of Intransigence: Soviet Composers and Art Music Censorship, 1945-1957″ (The University of Chicago)

2015 – Masha Kirasirova, “The Eastern International: ‘The Domestic East’ and the ‘Foreign East’ in Soviet-Arab Relations, 1917-68″ (New York University)

2014 – Maria Rogacheva, “A History of a Town that Did Not Exist: The Soviet Scientific Intelligentsia in the Post-Stalinist Era.”  (University of Notre Dame)

2013 – Michael Westren, “Nations in Exile: The ‘Punished Peoples’ in Soviet Kazakhstan” (University of Chicago)

2012 – Jeffrey S. Hardy, “Khrushchev’s Gulag: The Evolution of Punishment in the Post-Stalin Soviet Union 1953–64” (Princeton University)

2011 – Eleanory Gilburd, “To See Paris and Die: Western Culture in the Soviet Union, 1950’s and 1960’s” (UC, Berkeley), and Ora John Reuter, “The Origin of Dominant Parties” (Emory U)

2010 – Oscar Sánchez-Sibony, “Red Globalization: The Political Economy of Soviet Foreign Relations in the 1950s and 60s” (University of Chicago)

2009 – Mie Nakachi, “Replacing the Dead: The Politics of Reproduction in the Postwar Soviet Union, 1944-1955” (University of Chicago)

2008 – Benjamin Tromly, “Re-Imagining the Soviet Intelligentsia: Student Politics and University Life, 1948-1964”

Honorable Mention: Edward Cohn, “Disciplining the Party: The Expulsion and Censure of Communists in the Post-War Soviet Union, 1945-1961”

2007 – No prize was awarded in 2007.

2006 – Heather Diane DeHaan, “From Nizhnyi to Gorkii: The Reconstruction of a Russian Provincial City in the Stalinist 1930s”