Strategic Directions 2014

Based on strategic planning conducted from May 2013 – November 2014 with input from members and other stakeholders, the ASEEES Board approved on November 20, 2014 the following mission statement and key areas of strategic focus to which all ASEEES activities and program should be aligned. 

The following represent our primary areas of focus that will enable us to fulfill our vision and mission:

  • Membership – Attract and retain members of diverse specializations, stages in career, and backgrounds, by providing excellent membership benefits throughout the year

  • Convention – Hold innovative, relevant, impactful annual conventions that engage our diverse members and motivate them to attend annually

  • Teaching Support  – Provide resource support to members for teaching strategies, curricular materials, new technologies and approaches

  • Research Support – Provide funding and resource support to members for scholarly research leading to dissemination of research

  • Publications – Continue to publish the premier peer-reviewed journal in the field, while keeping close tabs on open access trends and sustainability concerns

  • Communications and Public Engagement – Communicate and engage the general public and the media to foster greater awareness of the region; enhance member opportunities for public engagement

  • Advocacy – Advocate vigorously for government funding, for university support for our field, and for fair working conditions; provide advocacy tools to members

  • Governance and Financial Sustainability – Strengthen and streamline the Association governance using best practices; maintain financial stability and enhance growth for long-term operation of the Association and be a good steward of the Association endowment