2017 Convention Program

The 2017 Convention program will be posted in June 2017.

The first session will likely begin at 1:00pm on Thursday, November 9; the last session will end at 1:45pm on Sunday, November 12.

Below is the 2016 Convention program information.

Go Directly to the 2016 Convention Program Online

You can find your own panel/roundtable/meeting schedule(s) by entering your name in the search box at the top of the program homepage, or by going to: “Browse by Person” in the left navigation.  You can also view the entire convention schedule under “Browse by Time,” which is divided by day and time slots. For more information on how to search the program, see “Search Tips” in the left navigation. 

CREATE PERSONAL SCHEDULE: If you are logged into the program (using the same user id and password as the ASEEES Member Site), you can create your own personal schedule by clicking on the small circular calendar icon to the left of panel/roundtable list or by clicking on “Add Session Submission” on a specific panel/roundtable information page. However, please do keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change; you should re-create your personal schedule closer to the convention time. NOTE: Your personal schedule in the convention website does not sync with your personal scchedule in the Mobile App. 

MOBILE APP: Download the new 2016 Convention mobile app for the up-to-date program and to create your personal schedule!

A PDF version of the program is also available. Please note that this pdf was produced in late September; changes submitted after September 26 will only be reflected in the online program above or in the supplemental program that will be handed out at registration.
(Please note that is a fairly large file; you may find the most success saving it to your computer and opening the resulting file, rather than opening it directly in your browser.)

Please DO NOT ASK US TO MOVE YOUR SESSION.  The Program Chair and the Program Committee spend hours of time trying to avoid thematic conflicts.  This is a large convention and we cannot accommodate individual scheduling requests. Please see Mike Hickey's article in the May 2008 issue of NewsNet: "The Five Obstructions" or "Why somebody's panel has to meet on Sunday morning"

Room assignments are subject to change; room assignments will be published in the final program.

In the event that it becomes necessary to change the date/time of a panel or roundtable, the ASEEES office will notify the organizer, who in turn must notify all participants. If the time of a meeting is changed, ASEEES will notify the representative who requested the meeting.

Questions about this program and the Convention in general should be addressed to:

Convention Manager
Phone: (412) 648-4049
E-mail: aseees.convention@pitt.edu