Thursday, January 18, 2024

January 2024 issue of NewsNet is out now

The first NewsNet of 2024 is out now! In the January issue:

  • Cover Article: “‘Everything Exists to Be Told’: Archival Research in Unfamiliar Places” by Aaron M. Thompson
  • 2023 President’s Address: “De-Centering Russia: Challenges and Opportunities” by Juliet Johnson
  • 2023 Executive Director’s Annual Report by Lynda Park 
  • @ASEEES on Youtube! Watch the 2023 Presidential Plenary: “Decolonization in Practice” and a video interview with plenary speaker Chelsi West Ohueri
  • Interview Feature: The 2023 ASEEES Book Prize winners on research, writing, and publishing (Part II)
  • CfP: 56th Annual ASEEES Convention 
  • CfA: 2024 ASEEES Grants and Fellowships
  • 2024 ASEEES Board of Directors and Committee Assignments 

And more! 

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