Miglena S. Todorova

Member-at-large Candidate

Miglena S. Todorova is Associate Professor in Social Justice Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies of Education (OISE), University of Toronto, Canada. Born and raised in socialist Bulgaria in the 1960s and 1970s, Todorova blended her lived experiences with a PhD in American Studies (University of Minnesota, 2006), specializing in political economy and identity formations across the geopolitical regions of the world. She teaches courses on race, gender, and empire in socialist states, transnational feminisms, and sexual and gender-based violence prevention education in Canada, the United States, and Balkan countries.  

Todorova’s work has been published in leading academic journals. Her research on the historical relations between women in socialist countries and racialized women the world over has received awards by Meridians (2018) and the Canadian Association for the Study of Women in Education (2023). Her book, Unequal under Socialism: Race, Women and Transnationalism in Bulgaria (University of Toronto Press, 2021), challenges common notions of racial formation in the Balkans and offers a novel paradigm for understanding race and socialist ideologies. Her upcoming book, entitled Postsocialism as a Method, explores the pedagogical power of teaching about and with countries and peoples who have experienced both socialism and neoliberalism. 

Todorova is a long-time ASEEES member committed to supporting the Association’s prosperity and its role as a leading force in research, theorizing, and teaching involving peoples and regions of the world whose histories, cultures, and ways of knowing enrich the humanities and social sciences in important ways.