Marshall D. Shulman Book Prize

2010 Citation Recipient

Lorenz Lüthi

The Marshall D. Shulman Book Prize, established in 1987 and sponsored by the Harriman Institute at Columbia University, is awarded annually for an outstanding monograph dealing with the international relations, foreign policy, or foreign-policy decision-making of any of the states of the former Soviet Union or Eastern Europe published in the previous calendar year. The prize is dedicated to the encouragement of high-quality studies of the international behavior of the countries of the former Communist Bloc.

Co-Winner: Lorenz Lüthi
Title: The Sino-Soviet Split: Cold War in the Communist World (Princeton University Press)

Lorenz Lüthi’s The Sino-Soviet Split: Cold War in the Communist World is likely to become the last best word on the subject. In his nonpareil use of multiple archival sources, many beyond the more obvious Soviet and Chinese ones, Lüthi has developed a far more comprehensive account of the origins and progress of the Sino-Soviet split than any scholar to date. This volume will be a reference work for others for some years to come.

Co-Winner: Mary Elise Sarotte

Honorable Mention: Keith Darden
Title: Economic Liberalism and Its Rivals: The Formation of International Institutions among the Post-Soviet States (Cambridge University Press)