Omeljan Pritsak Book Prize in Ukrainian Studies


Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention: Oleksandra Wallo
Title: Ukrainian Women Writers and the National Imaginary: From the Collapse of the USSR to the Euromaidan (University of Toronto Press)

Oleksandra Wallo’s scholarly monograph Ukrainian Women Writers and the National Imaginary has been awarded Honorable Mention by the 2021 Pritzak Prize. The committee commends Wallo for her well-conceived, well-researched, and well-written volume that examines how major Ukrainian women writers—Oksana Zabuzhko, Maria Matios, and Evhenia Kononenko—have gained prominence by inclining their writing toward a national imaginary.

Honorable Mention: Jessica Zychowicz
Title: Superfluous Women: Art, Feminism, and Revolution in Twenty-First- Century Ukraine (University of Toronto Press)

The Pritsak Prize committee is pleased to award an Honorable Mention to Jessica Zychowicz for her timely monograph, Superfluous Women: Art, Feminism, and Revolution in Twenty-First-Century Ukraine. Zychowicz offers us an ambitious transdisciplinary study that engages art, visual culture, feminism, and political activism with equal verve. Using archival research, fieldwork methodologies, sophisticated analyses of digital media, and personal reflection, Zychowicz analyzes the role of art and artist collectives in driving change during the recent mass protests on Kyiv’s main square with great imagination and originality.

Winner: Andriy Zayarnyuk