Thursday, September 10, 2020

2020 ASEEES Virtual Convention Program Schedule Now Available

The new schedule for the 2020 ASEEES Virtual Convention is now complete. We are delighted that we have a full schedule with over 600 sessions. 

The revised dates of the convention are: November 5 – 8 and November 14 – 15. Dates were extended to limit the number of concurrent sessions.  Session times have also been shortened to one hour and 30 minutes to help reduce “Zoom burn-out”. The Convention schedule is in Eastern Standard Time (EST).  

View the Virtual Convention Program

Click on the link “Go directly to the 2020 Convention program online” to see the searchable online schedule.  You can find your own panel/roundtable/meeting schedule(s) by clicking on “View the Online Program” and entering your name or your panel/roundtable/meeting title in the search box. You can also view the entire convention schedule grid under “Program Calendar” in the left navigation bar. The schedule does not include all ancillary events at this time.

Even if you withdrew from the convention, we ask that you check the program to make sure your name does not appear. If you see your name in the program, please use the withdrawal form below to let us know of the error.

Regarding the convention schedule, we ask for your maximum flexibility. Scheduling was based heavily on time-zone considerations that we gathered in the recent participation survey.  We will accept rescheduling requests for religious observations and consider changes where there are time-zone concerns.  Requests for rescheduling will be accepted via change request form below.  Please do not email us with scheduling change requests.  

Keep in mind that pre-recording your presentation is an option whether or not you can be present during the session.  All sessions (unless refused by the session members) will be recorded and made available for future viewing by convention attendees.  

If your affiliation has changed, please make the change in your profile on the ASEEES Members Site

If you have requests for changes or wish to withdraw from the convention, please respond by Friday, September 18.  

If you’re a session organizer and must request a change, please use this form.

If you’re a session organizer and need to cancel your session, please use this form.

If you need to withdraw from the convention, please use this form.

We ask that you register for the convention now. We are offering registration at 50% discount from the in-person rate as well as offering waivers. Registration rate will be higher after October 7.


We also ask that you consider donating ASEEES so that we can offer more waivers to support graduate students and scholars in need to participate in the convention.

All registration, donation, and waiver information can be found on the Registration page.  

For answers to frequently asked questions, please see the FAQ. If you have further questions, please contact the Convention Manager Margaret Manges at

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