How do I renew my membership?

When you log into your profile, you should see a “renew membership” link in your profile. If you do not, go to Payments & History and click on “Membership”. From there, you can choose the membership type and pay.

If you membership has expired, you may see a notice that says “Account Suspended due to Membership Expiration.” This is an automated notice in the system. You can still log in and renew your membership. 

When does my membership term expire?

All ASEEES membership follows the calendar January 1 to December 31. Membership purchased after November 1 will count for the upcoming year.

Can I be an affiliate member for the ASEEES Convention?

Yes, an affiliate membership will satisfy the membership requirement for participants in the convention. Please note that affiliate members cannot apply for grants, including travel grants.

Can I create an ASEEES profile without paying membership dues?

Yes, you can create a “guest/non-member” account in our system. It is the last option on the Join Now page. One reason to do this is to register to attend the Annual Convention.

I have tried to reset my password, but I never received an email.

If you haven’t received an email it could be for several reasons. Your username/email might be different than what is in the ASEEES database, it is stuck in spam, or you haven’t been a member before. Please contact us and we help to update your profile or create one.

I have created a profile, but I can’t sign in.

When you go to the member portal, accept the cookies. You should see a box at the bottom of the screen, or a box will appear after you have tried to login. The cookies are needed to share your information between our member site, Slavic Review login, and convention site. If you are still unable to log in, please contact us.

I tried to create a profile, but it says that my email or username has been used.

This means that you have an existing profile in the system. Please contact us and we can update your contact information or login as needed. Duplicate profiles in the system can cause confusion and problems later. Please contact us with your name, email, and affiliation.

How can I recieve the reduced in-region membership rate?

The first time that you join ASEEES as a member permanently residing in one of the countries listed as in-region, you will need to complete a regional membership form and email it to to be set up in the system. In future years you can renew through your profile.

How do I set up a joint account?

Joint membership accounts are only available to regular ASEEES members for their spouses. The account that is used to purchase the regular+joint account will become the primary account, which can then add a sub account. In order to renew membership, the primary account must be the one to purchase the membership. We are also happy to set up your accounts if you email your names, emails, and membership total.

I am retired. How much are my dues?

We do not have a specific rate for retired members—our regular membership rates are based on income categories. If you would like to continue as a full member, you can select the membership dues which apply to your current income as an emeritus/a. We also offer an affiliate membership with a flat rate that does not include access to Slavic Review or grant and subvention programs.

I am a new member. What is the best way to get up-to-date on what is happening?

Welcome to ASEEES! As an ASEEES member you will start receiving bi-monthly emails with brief updates. On our website, ASEEES hosts a searchable events calendar. You can also look at the latest issue of NewsNet, which will include any upcoming deadlines or programs. On social media you can find us on X, Facebook, LinkedIn and Bluesky.

Why should I become a Lifetime Member?

A lifetime membership is an excellent way to support innovative work in the field, and to never worry about your membership expiring. A portion of the lifetime membership is considered a tax deductible donation to ASEEES. A lifetime members list is on our website.