What information will I need to submit a proposal?

To submit a panel proposal, you will need to enter a brief abstract describing the entire panel as well as a 2-3 sentence description for each paper. You will not need to entire participants’ CV information, but is vitally important that you ask all session participants to create profiles and/or update their information in the ASEEES Member Site. If they have ever been a member in the period since 2011, they should be in the member database. They can check this by entering their e-mail address at “Forgot Your Password?” If their e-mail address is in our database, this will allow them to reset their password and update any info. As of 2023, they MUST have entered a brief biography in the “Professional Biography” box under “My Profile.” Click on any “Edit” button to edit the field under “Professional Information.”

Can I save an incomplete proposal or edit my proposal after it has been submitted?

The online system will NOT allow you save an incomplete proposal to submit later. It is therefore vitally important that you gather all the information you need before you start your submission process. However, once you have successfully submitted, you can go back and edit the proposal up until the submission deadline.

Do all session participants need to be ASEEES members at the time the proposal is submitted?

Submitters (session organizers and those submitting individual paper proposals) MUST be ASEEES members at the time of submission in order to submit a proposal. The other session participants do not need to be members at the time of the proposal submission but they MUST have profiles on the ASEEES Member Site.

Once the proposals have been accepted, all participants who are Slavic, East European, and Eurasian studies scholars in the U.S. and abroad must be current ASEEES members in order to participate in the convention. Only scholars approved as outside the field of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian studies do not need to join ASEEES (but they still must register for the convention as non-members).

Is it possible to submit a series of related sessions?

Yes, you may submit maximum of 4 sessions in a themed series. The sessions should have the same name, followed by a Roman numeral after each session title. Subtitles are optional. Example: “Soviet Film I: Stalinist Cinema,” “Soviet Film II: Thaw Cinema,” “Soviet Film III: Stagnation Cinema.” Keep in mind that sessions may not be scheduled in the order they were submitted due to time zone variables or other scheduling challenges.

Can I request a specific session time?

If you agree to participate in the ASEEES Convention, you are agreeing to be scheduled during any of the planned sessions. Please DO NOT make personal scheduling requests. We will honor specific scheduling requests only for religious reasons. Scheduling requests must be made at the time of the submission. See Mike Hickey’s article in the May 2008 issue of NewsNet: “The Five Obstructions” or “Why somebody’s panel has to meet on Sunday morning.”

In how many sessions can I participate?

Your name can only appear in the program in two sessions (panels/roundtables/lightning rounds), and you can only give ONE paper. All rules and guidelines for convention participation can be found here.

Is it possible to move from the in-person convention to the virtual convention or vice versa?

We acknowledge that circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic continue to evolve and sympathize with possible health, travel, and financial restrictions of our members. However, we are unable to accommodate the option to move from an in-person to virtual or virtual to in-person format after sessions have been scheduled. We thank you for understanding this constraint when submitting proposals.

Is it possible to hold a “hybrid” session (with some participants “zooming in” to the in-person convention)?

Due to the very high cost of audio/visual equipment in the convention hotel, hybrid sessions will not be permitted under any circumstances.

What audio/visual equipment is provided in the meeting rooms at the in-person convention?

Each meeting room will be equipped with a digital projector and screen for panels/roundtables/lightning rooms. You are required to bring your own laptop. No other A/V equipment will be offered and the meeting rooms do not have guaranteed internet access. See the A/V policy page for more information. We do not guarantee A/V equipment for affiliate groups’ business meetings.

If my accepted session is postponed, do I need to resubmit the proposal for the following year?

if you decided to postpone a panel/roundtable that was accepted for ASEEES 2023, you must resubmit your proposal for ASEEES 2024.

Can I submit a proposal as an e-mail attachment?

You may submit proposals for panels and roundtables using the Word form on the Call for Proposals page. All other proposals must be submitted online. Please send completed forms as e-mail attachments to aseees.proposal@pitt.edu.