Call for Proposals

February 28, 2018 for ALL submissions 
The online submission closes at 11:59pm PT (UTC -8) on Feb. 28, 2018.

Types of Submissions

IMPORTANT: Before you start your submission process:

  1. Read the general rules for convention participation.
  2. If you are an individual paper submitter, lightning round presentation submitter, or a session (panel or roundtable) organizer, renew your ASEEES membership first - you must be a member to submit. You must enter your CV information  (NOTE: If you are a panel/roundtable participant but NOT the organizer, you do not need to become a member until the time of the acceptance notification in the spring.  See the membership rules.)
  3. The session/paper title word limit is 20; session/paper description word limit is 250.
  4. Be sure to gather all required information first. You cannot save an incomplete proposal online.
  5. Ask all session participants to create a profile and update their "My Information" section in the ASEEES Member Site.
  6. Ask all session participants to enter their CV information in the "CV Information" box under the "View/Edit Information" tab NOW. This information will be used in the online submission process. It is essential that they enter the CV information at least 4 hours before you submit the proposal. The data is scheduled to synch every 2 hours. This is essential.  Do not wait until just before the submission deadline.
  7. Ask all session participants for their exact last name as they appear in the ASEEES Member directory so that you can search for them in the online submission process.
  8. Please review the Session Categories before you submit your proposal. Note that the session categories are used are strictly for scheduling purposes only and have no bearing on the proposal's acceptance.  
  9. For a Book Discussion Roundtable, use the Roundtable submission process. In the session, title, enter "Book Discussion:" followed by the title of the book and the author.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions about proposal submissions.

Go to Online Submission Site [will be live by mid Dec 2017]

Submisson by E-mail 

While online submission of proposals is strongly encouraged, we do accept proposals in Word as E-mail attachments. Please complete the appropriate forms below and send as e-mail attachments to

  • Panel Submission Form (MS Word)
  • Roundtable/Book Discussion Roundtable Submission Form (MS Word)
  • Individual Paper Submission Form (MS Word)
  • Lightning Round Presentation Submission Form (MS Word)
  • Affiliate Group Meeting Request Form (MS Word)

The acceptance notification for both individual paper submissions and panel/roundtable submissions will go out in early May.  The notification will not include the program schedule at that time.  Upon notification of acceptance, participants are expected to become members of ASEEES.  Please see the rules on the membership requirement.


If you have any questions, contact the Convention Manager at